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Our Mission

hhs montage 300x210 About Us…is to offer sanctuary and rehabilitation to at risk horses in the hopes that each horse in our care, big and small, old and young, fit or not, can experience more safety, comfort and love and to continue to live their lives in dignity.

We strive to raise awareness to the inhumane slaughter of horses.  Through supporting educational programs and children’s camps Healing Horses Sanctuary demonstrates that horses are intelligent companion animals, teachers and an asset to our society.


Informally established as the Healing Horses Sanctuary in 2008 it began as a single woman’s project to help save and rehabilitate a couple of horses in any given year.  In need of additional support after it began growing exponentially, it became registered as a non profit society in 2012.

Since it’s inception, the sanctuary has taken in and provided long term care for dozens of horses that were destined for slaughter, early euthanization, a long life of neglect and abuse or simply no longer wanted for no fault of their own. Of those, some have found permanent homes with new families and some with a new job helping raise funds that continues to help contribute to the welfare of those who remain at the sanctuary in long term care. On average we provide  10-20 horses with long term care at any given time. Of those that are in long term some are retired, some have emotional issues or training needs and others are lame never to be ridden again. Our goal for those that are worst off is to offer them a chance to live their lives out in dignity at the sanctuary.

It is only through the continued generous support of the community at large through donations of money, services and volunteer hours that we are able to continue to support and help these horses.


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