Are you sure it is just cowhide?

Scratch beneath the surface of virtually any industry with animals as the economic unit and you will find all kinds of ugliness, and the skin trade is no different in this respect.

purse 300x227 Are you  sure it is just cowhide?

Angelina Jolie’s $5,000.00 horsehair handbag by Akris. Jolie wore hers in ecru. Her stylist called the company to make sure that the horses were treated well as Angelina was concerned. Akris’s designer Albert Kriemler told WWD, ‘We told her horses get haircuts just like we do.’ What? (Photo:

In the fashion industry most are willfully ignorant of the origins and method of dispatch used to secure their exotic skins. From snake to crocodile, to horses and even dogs and cats, it is a grisly and stomach churning business.

Over 80,000 horses are transported across Europe each year. Conditions in the horse trucks can be terrible, with animals standing in tightly packed conditions for hour after hour, without water or rest, falling ill and injuring themselves as they succumb to exhaustion and dehydration.

Some will travel thousands of miles before reaching their destination – death at a slaughterhouse, often in countries with lower welfare standards than the country they were exported from. In North America, transport and feedlot pens where horses are held prior to slaughter, standards are equally cruel with Canada reportedly having the worst record of all. Read More…

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