Gravel donations put to work

Through the generous donations of of both time and money we were able to build and improve the  watering area for the horses. This was a much needed improvement as over the past 3 years the area around the “watering hole” became just that a hole of gooey muck. With the … Continue reading

Wood Chip donations for the feeders

Through the generous donation of some of the local landscapers we were able to get several truck loads of mulch for the feeding areas. This past weekend’s project was spreading wood chips over some of the muddy areas at the field entrance. Margo, Jessica & Jenny – hard at work on … Continue reading

Buy a Bale of Hay

Help support us with a Bale of Hay Hay and feed at the sanctuary costs approximately $45,000 per year including grains and supplements for up to 30 horses. That’s about $865 per week for feed alone. We can’t do it without your donations. Just $10 can provide a bale of … Continue reading