Donations for a rescue society, whether for dogs or cats,  or as in our case horses, are always in need be it for the day to day care such as feeds, shots, general medications or  blankets or  for long term care planning such as with some of the horses waiting navicular or other surgery. Rescue operations such as ours cannot exist without the generosity of donors and sponsors such as yourself. Please continue to support our cause, even if just one hoof at a time.

Gravel donations put to work

Through the generous donations of of both time and money we were able to build and improve the  watering area for the horses. This was a much needed improvement as over the past 3 years the area around the "watering hole" became just that a hole of gooey muck. With the use of recycled pallets and lots of gravel and gruelling work, our dedicated group of volunteers, men and women alike, built out the area so that the horses can now drink in the comfort of dry ground.

Many. Many thanks to all who contributed to making this possible. Blessings.


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