Ways in Which You Can Help

We provide a long term care and rehabilitation facility for special needs and at risk horses. Some of the horses are permanently lame and need additional love and attention as they cannot be part of the larger herd. All the horses here need your love and attention. Whether you are interested in supporting these horses in more of an administrative capacity or doing physical work, there are lots of current opportunities available as we continue to expand our facilities.

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Current Volunteer opportunities include but not limited to

Non Physical opportunities

  • website and social media
  • content writing and/or design and maintenance
  • fund raising
  • volunteer coordinator
  • proposal writing

Physical Workouts

Don’t mind a good work out? The following opportunities will provide you with lots of fresh air  and maybe even some cost savings – you don’t need to pay for the gym.

  • general horse care including feeding, watering, barn chores and grooming
  • farm maintenance – fencing, shelters, etc
  • tack cleaning and maintenance including blanket repairs
  • veterinary assistance – health care
  • ferrier work
  • mechanical – truck and trailer maintenance

Any and all help is always welcome. Our doors are open to all to come and share the beauty and love of these wonderful animals.

If you have not volunteered in the past, please consider volunteering this year. It will have a huge impact on our operation and in your personal life. If you have volunteered in the past, please volunteer again. Our doors are always open.

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