Lease to Adopt

Adopting a horse can be a daunting undertaking for some yet can be so rewarding. To enable you to help a horse in need we also have a Lease program.

Leasing allows for you to care for a horse without necessarily making a lifetime commitment, especially if you are unsure about owning a horse permanently whether for riding or as a companion horse. It gives you the experience of what is involved in caring for a horse that you might someday own. It involves taking care of the daily needs and costs of looking after a horse as if it were your own but the horse remains up for adoption to a permanent home. The process of applying for Leasing is the same as a permanent adoption, but you have the option to return the horse if you wish to cancel the lease. You may also choose to adopt the horse permanently at anytime and have first right of refusal if another adoption candidate applies to adopt of your Leased friend.

Having a horse doesn’t necessarily have to be about riding. We encourage Lesee’s to also consider Leasing a companion only horse. This is especially a great option if you already own your own horse and need a companion for him or her. And don’t forget about yourself. Even if you don’t own a horse, or have never owned a horse, being around horses and caring for them is a catharsis and very therapeutic. They can become your best friend and confidant.

Lease options may vary depending on the horse and circumstances. Click here to apply.

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