Oregon’s wild horse populations at risk

The BLM says Oregon’s wild horse and burro populations are greater than the rangelands can handle in balance with other public land uses. PORTLAND, Ore. (May 16, 2017) — Amanda Peacher reporting for the Associated Press writes: New numbers from the Bureau of Land Management show Oregon’s wild horse and burro populations are on the rise.

The case of a young Oregon Mustang they call Blue Eye paints an oft repeated scenario of what happens to these wild horses once they have been taken from their homes and end up in a BLM corral:

Blue Eye, like all the horses in short-term corrals, faced three strikes. The BLM would offer him for adoption three times.

If no one took him, he would be trucked far from his native high desert to long-term holding. The BLM rents pastures in states like Oklahoma and Kansas where old or unadoptable horses spend the rest of their lives.

Blue Eye was caught in the middle. The young foal would never go back to the range. He faced the two options BLM most often relies on: adoption or exile to pastures in the Midwest.

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Ninja 12yrold mustang4 300x169 Oregon’s wild horse populations at risk

Ninja – BLM horse adopted by HHS

We are so blessed here at Healing Horses to have had an opportunity to adopt one mustang – Ninja and yes sadly she was taken from her homelands but now here she has adopted herself new family and friends. 


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