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Running Free and Alive

Some had been found abandoned and some have come enroute to the auction or slaughter houses. All of the horses had some sort of disability, whether physical, emotional or training which caused problems for their former owners. Some of horses were no longer able to compete or some were too difficult. Everyone seems to want an easy, rideable horse. No one seems to want an unpredictable, sour or lame horse.

But we see all horses as having a spirit and soul and all of them deserving of a second chance. We work to retrain the emotionally unbalanced horses and made them rideable again. Of the ones that come in lame, some have found other work and some have stayed on for the long term care. You’ll find some of their stories in Our Horses.

The horses here at the sanctuary live in a natural herd environment. They are pastured all year round and have free access to run-in shelters and barns. Winter blankets provide rain protection to keep them from getting hypothermia in our west coast cold winter rains.

Our goal is to provide a long term quality sanctuary for horses that need a second chance.  To have an opportunity to live out their lives with meaning. We do the necessary work with the horses to rebalance and heal them. We nurture and retrain, give love and make them feel worthy and worthwhile once again. We develop strong bonding relationships with them. Now in a safe environment, they feel able to give back to us through their bonding love and uncanny abilities to transform us from the inside out.