Combating horse cruelty – a full time job

PMU horses continue to need our help

 Combating horse cruelty   a full time jobWe don’t know for certain how many mares are being used and how many foals are produced to make menopausal horse pee drugs.

However, based on continuing huge sales figures, there are countless thousands of mares located on PMU (pregnant mare’s urine) farms elsewhere operating for example in farflung countries like China where horses fair far worse than even our Canadian PMU farms.

The long history of drugs produced with conjugated equine estrogens — taken from the bladders of pregnant mares standing in “pee lines” are dangerous to the patients who take them as well as the horses.

There is however something we can do wherever these horses are. That is raise as much awareness as possible.

HELP US HELP PMU Mares and foals read more here…

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