Why horses?

Healing Horses Sanctuary is entirely run by volunteers and a board of directors who also take it upon themselves to volunteer for the horses at the sanctuary. The silver lining to all of this has been that Healing Horses Sanctuary has become a place of refuge for people of all ages in our community to come out  and find peace, comfort and commraderie by being with and caring for the horses. It is a real community-serving organization. Our mantra – “Who is saving whom?”

The gifts that horses offer you

Our volunteers feel that horses offer them both spiritual and practical gifts; everything from “Love” to “a Job”.

When asked, it was the top three answers that really painted a powerful picture of what we really appreciate from a horse and what we really want for ourselves.

The top three “gifts” were:

Unconditional love

duke hug 150x150 Why horses?Horses have the ability to tell you the truth no matter the outcome. The ability to reflect back to you where you are and who you are becoming, moment by moment without judgement. When you receive a hug from a horse, you know you are truly loved for who you are.

HHS running horses web 150x150 Why horses?Beauty

Horses are the physical manifestation of that sheer unfiltered feeling of beauty that we all seek within ourselves. In feeling their raw, beautiful essence, we desire to bring more beauty into our lives.


To be next to a horse is to feel the distance that can lie between knowing you are already enough and any beliefs that block you from this truth. The acceptance that the horse offers us gives us the feeling to know we are okay just as we are.

Combine all three of these and you have all the personal horsepower you need to create anything you desire. A gift you receive for just a few hours of your time.

When you volunteer you will experience these feelings of love, beauty and acceptance. Amplify your personal horsepower so you can harness it and direct it toward creating great things in your life. As any horse will tell you, “You are enough and you possess everything you need to live passionately and live joyously!

Here’s how you can help.

If you are interested in volunteering and would like a tour, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator  Kelly Marshall Langill.

Healing Horses Sanctuary is located in east Maple Ridge, BC. If you have some free time and can commit to a few hours once or twice a week, or even if not on a regular schedule, the horses would appreciate your attention to their needs.

If you don’t have free time or it’s too far for you to come but you would still like to help the horses, please consider donating to their health and welfare.

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