Hi ho, Hi ho

It’s off to work we go…

It’s not only the 7 dwarves who knew how to take pick axe and shovel in hand you know. We volunteers here at the Sanctuary do that on a regular basis, rain or shine. Visit regularly to view the special projects we work on or just the regular  grind – and we didn’t mean our coffee. And of course don’t miss out on the Tails to Tell of special kisses and snuggles between our horses and the many volunteers dedicated to keeping them safe, comfortable, loved and feeling needed (on both parts).

Gravel donations put to work

Through the generous donations of of both time and money we were able to build and improve the  watering area for the horses. This was a much needed improvement as over the past 3 years the area around the "watering hole" became just that a hole of gooey muck. With the use of recycled pallets and lots of gravel and gruelling work, our dedicated group of volunteers, men and women alike, built out the area so that the horses can now drink in the comfort of dry ground.

Many. Many thanks to all who contributed to making this possible. Blessings.

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